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My Firm

More then ever, South Carolina families need an experienced attorney and Law Firm to guide them through the complex maze of Elder Law and Estate Planning.  That is where I come in.


My name is Michael Sgobbo and I have been working with South Carolina families for over 19 years to help them each meet their unique goals.  


My goal, with every family I work with, is to protect and preserve their life savings from the dangers waiting in the shadows to swallow up their life savings.  Too many families have an outdated will or estate plan, or put together a do-it-yourself estate plan with papers they printed off the internet.  Rarely do these documents contain the protections or benefits that a plan unique to your family can give you.

I listen to my clients wishes and craft a unique plan to help them achieve their goals.  

Contact my office to find out what steps may be available for your to tak, right now.  The sooner you act, the easier it is for you to find the right path for you and your family. 

Your first consulation is free!!!

My name is Michael C. Sgobbo, I am attorney living and practicing in Coastal South Carolina.
I live on James Island, SC with my wife and two daughters.  
My practice focuses on serving seniors and their families, with their Elder Law and Real Estate needs.  I have been successful in guiding and protecting South Carolina families for over 18 years.  
I am a graduate of Syracuse University with a degree in Economics and in Finance.  I received my law degree from  Temple University Law School and was sworn into the South Carolina Bar in 1995.

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